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Posted 04 Oct 2006 in Programming

Which programming language do you fluent to use? or, are you who fanaticism to one kind of programming languages?

For the ‘real programmer’, these questions are not required to be answered. Programming language is just like tools, which can be choosed to get the best tool, to solve the problem.
It is not like a religion, which should not be changed forever.

Another reason to change the language is about job, opportunity to increase the income.

The language I most loved is Pascal, but I have to leave it on the past, since the market is not accept it anymore. When the market is need a Delphi, I learn it, and there I go to fluent with it.

Right now, which language you should learn?

Ah, there are so many answer, depend on where are you living. But this article may help you to decide:
10 Programming Languages You Should Learn Right Now


  1. #mas Aryo, Wow :D New Blog English Version???? seppp…. seppppp :D Thumb Up…… For Aryo Sanjaya…….. BTW, I Can’t give the comment with english, :( :( :(

  2. #deden:
    I think you have done your comment ;)

  3. ok.

    #3. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
    ajax is not a language

    #7. Ruby and Ruby on Rails
    RoR neither,

  4. #ferdhie:
    Yeah, you are right.
    But I think the article focus is about market demand, which more specific than programming language itself. And AJAX is one of the interesting thing from web programming, today.
    Still remember what people says about XML, when this ‘technology’ is introduced for the first time?
    Up till now, actually XML is still be a small part from programming language.

  5. Perl !

    that’s all :)


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