Servis Nanggung dari Google

Posted 26 Jan 2008 in Info

Hari ini melihat hal baru di Gmail. Ketika melakukan Report Spam pada sebuah email spam, di bagian notifikasi muncul pesan:

2 conversations have been marked as spam. We’ll attempt to unsubscribe you from these emails.


Hal ini menarik, karena bagi sebagian orang (terutama saya), kadang melakukan subscribe ke suatu layanan email newsletter, atau kadang ketika mendaftar di suatu website dipaksa mendapatkan layanan notifikasi ataupun newsletter. Namun karena sebenarnya tidak tertarik dengan layanan tersebut, sehingga email-email notifikasi dan newsletter menjadi mengganggu.

Lazimnya kalau sudah tidak tertarik pada suatu layanan, mestinya melakukan unsubscribe dari layanan tersebut. Namun entah karena suatu kemalasan apa, hal tersebut kadang tidak dilakukan.

Dan pada puncak kemalasan menerima email itu, tinggal klik Report Spam.

Mungkin Gmail menyadari hal itu, sehingga dengan sukarela melakukan unsubscribe untuk usernya.

Namun sayangnya, pada link Learn more, kalau diklik hanya menampilkan:

We’re sorry, but the information you’ve requested cannot be found. Please try searching or browsing the Help Center.

Mari kita tunggu kejelasan maksud fitur tersebut :)


  1. maksudnya, kalau masih bingung, call saja

  2. JonathanP

    I started receiving this response a couple of days ago when pressing “Report Spam” within GMail. I wonder if they are beta testing it?
    Anyway, I find it to be confusing. There is no help about it. When I click on “Undo” it puts the message back in my Inbox. What I would like it to do is still mark it as spam, but not to try and “unsubscribe” me — a no, no in dealing with spam. The only possible exception would be if the message is clearly from a list, but then there should at least be clarifying language and an option to mark as spam without unsubscribing.

    Sorry, I am not able to translate the comment above. Is it available in English somehow?

  3. @JonathanP:
    Yes, I agree with you to just mark it as spam without unsubscribe, since sometimes unsubscribing is not resolving the problem.

    And, sorry, there is no english version for the article. It’s just a confusion about this new feature, nothing important you may need to know :)

  4. ok ditunggu chapter 2-nya dengan judul servis “nanggung udah sampe help center”

  5. dah ada kelanjutanya belom nih


  6. google is the best


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