Comparison Between XDAndroid and FroyoX

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Posted 18 Feb 2011 in Gadget

There is no official Android for your HTC Touch Pro2. Really. You will be stuck on Windows Mobile OS. If you want Android on your TP2, then you need to install it by yourself.

Search on forums, I found some “Android┬áROMs” for HTC TP2. So far I just use XDAndroid and Froyo X, and this is the comparison between them from my own experience:

XDAndroid Froyo X
Stability Runs as long as needed Random freezes after a few seconds of start, and sometimes restart back to WinMo, and sometimes the network signal just gone and need to be rebooted (that is back to WinMo and then start Froyo X again).
Filesystem File system is secure Since it’s always forced restart, then the filesystem is not unmounted correctly, so some files are always missing or corrupted. I have to uninstall and reinstall some applications because its file is missing and going to be unstable.
Boot Speed Long time booting About 30 seconds faster
UI Stability On some situation, the UI responds is very-very slow. Click and wait. Need to restart to have it stable again. The UI responds is always fast, even I use it immediately after boot

Still trying for another “ROMs”, to have stable and fast Android for HTC Touch Pro2.

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