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Posted 07 Aug 2011 in Curhat, Gadget

Since last week, I switch to BlackBerry world, because my Android (Motorola Cliq) drains its battery more faster lately.
I still keep the Android device, but if you bid with good price, you can be the next owner ;)

Back to SPF.

Soon after activate BIS service on my BB, I setup all my primary emails to be attached on RIM’s push mail service.

All emails are work perfectly, except my Google Apps mail (@aryosanjaya.net). It’s stated that my mail account is invalid, and need to be validated.

Every time I revalidate, it seems succesfully. But after a few minutes it asks to be revalidated again, and again.

I go to GraPARI (official Telkomsel support center) but not helping so much. They cannot figure out why the account always asks for revalidated.

Then I explain this problem to this friend. And after a little Q&A, he asks me to check SPF for my domain. Because I never know what SPF is, the only way is by googling it. And then I found Google support:

Google SPF Support

Previously there’s no SPF setting on my domain. And a few minutes after I apply the SPF TXT record, my mail account on @aryosanjaya.net is attached to RIM’s push mail perfectly, until now.

Thanks to Ndoweh.

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