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Restore Back Gmail Login

Posted 04 Dec 2012 — by aryo
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It’s very annoying, when you’re in the middle of something important with emailing, and suddenly your Gmail is loading for forever. And when you force to refresh Gmail page, the page become white with “Bad Request” error, as displayed on this screenshot:

Bad Request

So far, I got this error with Firefox browser only. Maybe there are tight connection between Google and Mozilla.

There is easy solution for this situation: delete all “” cookies (Firefox Preferences -> Privacy -> remove individual cookies, type “” and then click “Remove All Cookies”)

But, what if you have 12 multiple accounts logged in at the same time? You will force to destroy all of your Gmail logins. It’s a pain to relogin all of it, one by one.

From some forum, I found the easier way, a temporary solution, before Google reveal this issue. You do not need to erase all cookies. You only have to find “GMAIL_IMP” cookie, related to account you need to restore. From screenshot above, inside the red line, you can see the URL with “/u/1″. That is, your account number is “1″.

And then, again, open cookie pane (Firefox Preferences -> Privacy -> remove individual cookies, type “”). Scroll down to find the cookie, as screenshot below:

Cookie window

Steps to reproduce:

1. Type “”
2. Scroll down to find “GMAIL_IMP”
3. Take a look at Path value, make sure it is “/mail/u/x”, while x is your account number
4. Click on Remove Cookie (do not Remove All Cookies)

That’s it, your Gmail login will be restored immediately, without relogin.