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Posted 20 Aug 2011 — by aryo
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Hari ini ketika membuka App World, nampang di Featured View paling atas adalah aplikasi BlackBerry Protect. Karena penasaran, coba klik reviewnya, dan ternyata menawarkan fitur yang menarik:

  • Locate: menemukan lokasi BB sekarang, jika suatu saat hilang atau dicuri
  • Protect: mengunci BB sehingga tidak dapat dibuka oleh yang menemukan/mencuri
  • Wipe: menghapus data-data penting jika ditemukan orang lain
  • Message: menampilkan pesan kepada yang menemukan, meskipun device dalam kondisi terkunci
  • Backup: menyimpan data-data penting (dapat dipilih) untuk otomatis disimpan di server RIM. Jadi jika suatu saat BB nyemplung ke laut, tidak pusing data-data tersebut hilang.
  • Loud Ring: membunyikan suara BB keras-keras jika BB terselip di suatu tempat
  • Dll

Yang terpenting: layanan ini gratis.

Segera aku install, dan inilah hasilnya:

BlackBerry Protect


Untuk melihat lokasi BB, dapat membuka URL ini:

Tampilan fitur Locate:

Hasil penelusuran

Hasil penelusuran

Fitur ini cukup cepat menemukan lokasi BB, namun sayang agak melenceng sedikit (beberapa puluh meter). Seandainya aku mencari di lokasi di atas, tentu masih sulit menemukan posisi tepatnya :)

Layanan ini mirip dengan layanan HTC Sense milik HTC. Dengan layanan ini rasa aman terhadap kehilangan data dan device agak berkurang, meskipun data kita jadinya nongkrong di server RIM :)




Posted 07 Aug 2011 — by aryo
Category Curhat, Gadget

Since last week, I switch to BlackBerry world, because my Android (Motorola Cliq) drains its battery more faster lately.
I still keep the Android device, but if you bid with good price, you can be the next owner ;)

Back to SPF.

Soon after activate BIS service on my BB, I setup all my primary emails to be attached on RIM’s push mail service.

All emails are work perfectly, except my Google Apps mail ( It’s stated that my mail account is invalid, and need to be validated.

Every time I revalidate, it seems succesfully. But after a few minutes it asks to be revalidated again, and again.

I go to GraPARI (official Telkomsel support center) but not helping so much. They cannot figure out why the account always asks for revalidated.

Then I explain this problem to this friend. And after a little Q&A, he asks me to check SPF for my domain. Because I never know what SPF is, the only way is by googling it. And then I found Google support:

Google SPF Support

Previously there’s no SPF setting on my domain. And a few minutes after I apply the SPF TXT record, my mail account on is attached to RIM’s push mail perfectly, until now.

Thanks to Ndoweh.

Phone Screenshot: BlackBerry 9700

Posted 04 Aug 2011 — by aryo
Category Gadget

Full phone specification

BlackBerry 9700 Home Screen

Phone Screenshot: Motorola Dext

Posted 26 Feb 2011 — by aryo
Category Gadget

Full Phone Specification



Annoying Problem on 10.6.6 Update

Posted 25 Feb 2011 — by aryo
Category Curhat, OS

It is great to always using latest version for the OS. Maybe a few people, including my boss, that are not. They said “if everything running well, don’t update it”.

Well, I think they are not completely wrong. At least for my MacBookPro updates to the recent version: 10.6.6.

Soon after update to 10.6.6 with 1.1GB of file size, there is a surprise. “Create Network” on the WiFi that is not working for years, it’s working now, like a magic.

But after a few days, I realize that greater problems are coming. The big one is: ethernet randomly not functional. No error message, it’s just gone, just like you have no ethernet attached.

It will back to normal after rebooted. But how if you in the middle of something? Opening many windows and unsaved documents, still debugging or downloading, or chatting, it is pain if you have to restart the machine, randomly between 2-5 hours.

Searching forums, many other users have the same experience, and no working solution provided.

Reupdate with combo update, verifying file permissions, remove and readd ethernet, nothing works, especially for me.

Today I found more faster solution, when the ethernet is gone: turn to Sleep mode (click on apple logo > Sleep), while on sleep mode, unplug the UTP cable, wait for seconds and plug it again. Wake up Mac, and ethernet back to to normal again, with all windows and documents remain.

Very funny.

I hope Apple will address this problem, and release the patch soon.


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