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Posted 12 Oct 2006 in Blog

Ah, I think this is a old news, since I have heard it a long time before. But because I never open my mail on Yahoo!, so I never experience it myself.

Today, I try to open my email on Yahoo! Mail, and when I do the login process, there are some new interfaces I never see before.

All components are AJAX enabled, very exciting, as good as GMail interface.

But there are some negative point I have found:

  • Very Heavy to Load
    I just try it on Firefox and Internet Explorer, and it is very heavy to be loaded on both of those browser. The documentation said that the internet connection used must have enough speed. I am sure with my net speed, so I think the problem is on my notebook, that is not strong enough to load the display. So, new interface need a computer with a high quality now?
  • Very Heavy Advertise
    The heavy I mean here is not same with my statement above. I just wondering, why whenever I scroll down/up the mail list, the advertise banner is changed?
    I do not select the email yet, just clicking the scrollbar. And on each click, the banner content is refreshed. This is slowing down the email selection process.

Whatever, I am very impressed with the Yahoo! innovation, it is more like a desktop application now.

Here is the screenshoot:
Yahoo! Mail

You may take a look on Yahoo! Mail Beta Overview.


  1. udah lama kan?

  2. #ferdhie:
    As I’ve mention it before, I never open my Yahoo! mail ^_^

  3. Pada awalnya ABOT banget… cuma sekarang udah mendingan wuz wuz ;)


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