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Posted 16 Feb 2007 in Blog

Finally, I move this blog into another webhosting provider, and the choosed provider is MasterWeb.

There are two important reasons for me to do this:

  1. To give more bandwidth to BengkelProgram, that previously sharing its bandwidth with this blog.
  2. NS (name server) of previous provider is offline too often, and since my email is using their NS, so all emails delivered to me will be bounced.

And after moving to this new provider, I found something interest on their feature: DNS Management, with no additional cost. This feature also enabled on previous provider, but with additional payment.

But this is not an easy step, because MasterWeb is using theirown Control Panel, not like other providers that using cPanel as a tool of website management.

After spending many hours, I can setup CNAME for my domain to use Google Pages. There are hosted on Google, so this is not just a subdomain:

Thanks for MasterWeb support officer, Endrik, and for Ferdhie, for their help to fix my MX records on DNS Management.


  1. test posting dari FreeBSD :p

  2. Congrat!!
    So how to setup it on Masterweb host??

  3. #Joy:
    We’re on the right way lastnight, when we try to fix the MX record. Our mistake is simple: MX name must be in lower-case :p

  4. Steven Haryanto

    trus utk MX record & case, thanks masukannya mas aryo, dah difix control panelnya agar upper case juga diperbolehkan (& diconvert ke lowercase).


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