Annoying Problem on 10.6.6 Update

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Posted 25 Feb 2011 in Curhat, OS

It is great to always using latest version for the OS. Maybe a few people, including my boss, that are not. They said “if everything running well, don’t update it”.

Well, I think they are not completely wrong. At least for my MacBookPro updates to the recent version: 10.6.6.

Soon after update to 10.6.6 with 1.1GB of file size, there is a surprise. “Create Network” on the WiFi that is not working for years, it’s working now, like a magic.

But after a few days, I realize that greater problems are coming. The big one is: ethernet randomly not functional. No error message, it’s just gone, just like you have no ethernet attached.

It will back to normal after rebooted. But how if you in the middle of something? Opening many windows and unsaved documents, still debugging or downloading, or chatting, it is pain if you have to restart the machine, randomly between 2-5 hours.

Searching forums, many other users have the same experience, and no working solution provided.

Reupdate with combo update, verifying file permissions, remove and readd ethernet, nothing works, especially for me.

Today I found more faster solution, when the ethernet is gone: turn to Sleep mode (click on apple logo > Sleep), while on sleep mode, unplug the UTP cable, wait for seconds and plug it again. Wake up Mac, and ethernet back to to normal again, with all windows and documents remain.

Very funny.

I hope Apple will address this problem, and release the patch soon.



  1. Masih Setia dengan MacBook Pro yang itu? atau sudah ada yang baru Mas Bro?


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