Aryo Sanjaya

I am an ordinary people, who learning how to take care himself.

My name is Aryo Sanjaya, but my surname is Haryono. Born somewhere on Demak city, Jawa Tengah, that is far far away from information technology.

Begin to learn computer on high level school (1994), and continue to love programming language. Starting from GW-BASIC, Pascal, C, Delphi, … and up till now I love to programming in PHP, Python and Java.

Owner of several websites for specific purpose:

  • Bengkel Program, for share and learning about computer programming
  • Mahesa Jenar, my daily activities blog
  • Aryo Sanjaya (this blog), to write some interesting thing (for me) about IT
  • some websites that cannot be written here :)

Contact person:

Aryo Sanjaya
email: aryo@aryosanjaya.net
Y!M: aryo_sanjaya
AIM: aryosanjaya01


  1. salam kenal mas aryo, ;-)

  2. Please sent all ads and promo information by E-mail:sader@belta.by

  3. If you want to see my private photos – https://hideuri.com/DYOopz
    Will answer all your comments there


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