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Speedy Getting Worse

Posted 06 Oct 2006 — by aryo
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Up till now, I think all internet services from TELKOM are getting worse and make the customers disappointed.

The first service I mean is TelkomNet Instan. It is OK for the speed (for dial-up level), but the billing is in trouble. Many complains are caused by this problem, there are many unidentified traffic (download/upload) by user, weird invoice, etc.

I never investigate the traffic by myself, it is the opinion from other users. But the invoice that I receive sometimes put me in doubt. With more or less internet utilizing, invoice is almost not changed significantly. Moreover, my sister in Jakarta tell me that she has using internet in one month, but she got the invoice twice in two months. Weird.

And the newer TELKOM service is Speedy, an ADSL with speed 384Kbps. I have not yet try it, since my home is out of Speedy coverage.

The testimonial from Speedy users on mailing-list, discussion forum, or other blog, says that this type of service also getting worse. The speed is more slowly, even be compared with dial-up connections.

And the billing is also in trouble. Oh, as a monopoly company in Indonesia, TELKOM should give the best services for the customers, or, give the chance to other company to build their telecommunication company in Indonesia, of course with fair regulations.

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Splitting The Book

Posted 03 Oct 2006 — by aryo
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Since discussing about IT on is irrelevant anymore, then further IT topics will be placed on this blog.

This will not split my head at all, just to separate specific topic so it will be more easier to find out.

Thanks to Jauhari for sending me his great theme this morning.

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