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Don’t Use AdMob

Posted 03 Jan 2013 — by aryo
Category Curhat

I know there are many articles or blog posts similiar like this one. And I’m happy to add it one more.

By hiding inside “protect our proprietary detection system”, Google may disable publisher account WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATIONS. Yes, they just disable it, bye your collected money, and bye all of your efforts to develop some great applications.

Without any mistakes, my account has been disabled twice. At the first time, they reactivate it after I fill their appeal form. But the second time they reject it (#7-8030000000203)

One thing I understand is that my application has been grows signifficantly (image below), and by using Google logic: whenever your traffic increased very high, then you’re must be cheated.

Application install statistic

Application install statistic

So, if you have plan to create some great applications, just don’t use AdMob. At least until Google fixing their so called detection system.

Here is their reply email, in PDF format: 7-8030000000203 Account Disabled Appeal

Thank you.



Posted 07 Aug 2011 — by aryo
Category Curhat, Gadget

Since last week, I switch to BlackBerry world, because my Android (Motorola Cliq) drains its battery more faster lately.
I still keep the Android device, but if you bid with good price, you can be the next owner ;)

Back to SPF.

Soon after activate BIS service on my BB, I setup all my primary emails to be attached on RIM’s push mail service.

All emails are work perfectly, except my Google Apps mail ( It’s stated that my mail account is invalid, and need to be validated.

Every time I revalidate, it seems succesfully. But after a few minutes it asks to be revalidated again, and again.

I go to GraPARI (official Telkomsel support center) but not helping so much. They cannot figure out why the account always asks for revalidated.

Then I explain this problem to this friend. And after a little Q&A, he asks me to check SPF for my domain. Because I never know what SPF is, the only way is by googling it. And then I found Google support:

Google SPF Support

Previously there’s no SPF setting on my domain. And a few minutes after I apply the SPF TXT record, my mail account on is attached to RIM’s push mail perfectly, until now.

Thanks to Ndoweh.

Annoying Problem on 10.6.6 Update

Posted 25 Feb 2011 — by aryo
Category Curhat, OS

It is great to always using latest version for the OS. Maybe a few people, including my boss, that are not. They said “if everything running well, don’t update it”.

Well, I think they are not completely wrong. At least for my MacBookPro updates to the recent version: 10.6.6.

Soon after update to 10.6.6 with 1.1GB of file size, there is a surprise. “Create Network” on the WiFi that is not working for years, it’s working now, like a magic.

But after a few days, I realize that greater problems are coming. The big one is: ethernet randomly not functional. No error message, it’s just gone, just like you have no ethernet attached.

It will back to normal after rebooted. But how if you in the middle of something? Opening many windows and unsaved documents, still debugging or downloading, or chatting, it is pain if you have to restart the machine, randomly between 2-5 hours.

Searching forums, many other users have the same experience, and no working solution provided.

Reupdate with combo update, verifying file permissions, remove and readd ethernet, nothing works, especially for me.

Today I found more faster solution, when the ethernet is gone: turn to Sleep mode (click on apple logo > Sleep), while on sleep mode, unplug the UTP cable, wait for seconds and plug it again. Wake up Mac, and ethernet back to to normal again, with all windows and documents remain.

Very funny.

I hope Apple will address this problem, and release the patch soon.


Battere MBP

Posted 02 Apr 2008 — by aryo
Category Curhat, Gadget, Info

Selama ini gaya hidupku dalam penggunaan device berbattere adalah: charge selagi ada listrik.

Itu berlaku untuk semua handphone, kamera digital dan notebook. Untuk handphone mungkin tidak seberapa parah, hanya kalau akan bepergian jauh saja aku charge berlama-lama, atau sering juga lupa mencabutnya.

Namun untuk notebook, mulai dari Sony VAIO yang dulu sampai MacBookPro sekarang ini, selama di dekatnya ada colokan listrik, aku usahakan untuk dicharge. Walaupun battere masih (/sudah) full, colokan masih tetap menancap. Keberadaan battere aku anggap sebagai UPS internal.

Sering dari malam sampai pagi MBP menemani dengan lantunan MP3-nya, dan setiap hari kerja dari pagi sampai sore, dia selalu menancap di listrik.

Padahal kalau menurut beberapa artikel, tidak baik membiarkan battere dicharge berlama-lama.

Dan itu benar, karena efek dari gaya hidup yang tidak sehat seperti ini, menyebabkan jeleknya kondisi battere MBP, seperti yang terdeteksi oleh CoconutBattery ini:

Kapasitasnya turun dengan drastis. Meskipun aku sudah melakukan kalibrasi, tapi tetap seperti itu.

Mungkin sudah waktunya minta battere baru :)



Posted 28 Oct 2007 — by aryo
Category Curhat, Info

Hari Minggu siang, saat sedang menikmati kesendirian tanpa berhubungan dengan Internet, mendadak datang SMS dari PIC HotLyrics:

Pak Aryo,i need your help to fix, currently all pages ask for password. it’s urgent please. thx.

Wuik, bujubuneng, ada apa gerangan?

Segera hidupkan MBP, lalu dial koneksi VPN lewat DoD GlobalNet. Lama gak ada respon, padahal biasanya cuma dalam hitungan detik sudah connected. Setelah agak lama kemudian muncullah error dialog: Connection Failed. Waduh, ada apa lagi nih.

Lewat console aku ping VPN servernya, No route to host. Wakz…

Mengingat urgensinya, segera aku hubungkan MBP dengan kabel PSTN, berniat menggunakan TelkomNet Instan. Tapi… lho, MBP kan gak ada modemnya. Skip cara ini.

Berikutnya aku hubungkan modem CDMA ke USB MBP, nyalakan. Walah, ternyata gak ada sinyal StarOne di rumah. Ganti Fren, nasibnya sama saja. Ada apa ini? Biasanya ada sinyal meskipun 1 bar. Joyogrand memang terpencil meski di dataran atas (apa hubungannya?).

Ganti koneksi ke bluetooth lewat GPRS-nya IM3: Connection timed out. Keringat dingin.

Hampir putus asa, coba jalankan Parallels Desktop, lalu menghubungkan SonyEricsson K750i lewat kabel data, dan dial GPRS-nya. Connected. Whuah.

Segera buka website HotLyrics. Lho, kok normal saja.

Ada SMS lagi:

Ok. i’ve also told mr.Steve and he’s also trying to fix it. thx

Oh, rupanya bigboss yang mbetulkan. Doh.

Kemudian aku buka email, di sana sudah ada 2 email penting dari bigboss, menanyakan siapa yang meletakkan file .htaccess di direktori home.

Wah, itu aku :( *lha siapa lagi yang pegang ssh server*

Aku jelaskan bahwa yang memindahkan itu aku, karena file itu sebelumnya ada dalam direktori phpMyAdmin yang sebenarnya sudah dilindungi file .htaccess yang lain. Aku tidak menyangka bahwa file .htaccess yang berada di luar document root, ternyata masih berpengaruh juga ke seluruh direktori di bawahnya.

Apache seharusnya mengabaikannya, toh filenya di luar direktori yang untuk website. *ini pendapatku sih :p *

Anyway, setelah minta maaf ke bigboss atas tewasnya situs HL untuk beberapa hari (katanya 4 hari, padahal aku mindahnya baru Sabtu kemarin), yang lebih penting lagi adalah aku harus lebih hati-hati lagi.


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