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10 Programming Language

Posted 04 Oct 2006 — by aryo
Category Programming

Which programming language do you fluent to use? or, are you who fanaticism to one kind of programming languages?

For the ‘real programmer’, these questions are not required to be answered. Programming language is just like tools, which can be choosed to get the best tool, to solve the problem.
It is not like a religion, which should not be changed forever.

Another reason to change the language is about job, opportunity to increase the income.

The language I most loved is Pascal, but I have to leave it on the past, since the market is not accept it anymore. When the market is need a Delphi, I learn it, and there I go to fluent with it.

Right now, which language you should learn?

Ah, there are so many answer, depend on where are you living. But this article may help you to decide:
10 Programming Languages You Should Learn Right Now

Purefect Desktop

Posted 04 Oct 2006 — by aryo
Category Programming

Ok, here is one of the amazing projects I ever found: “Purefect Desktop”

Purefect Desktop is a desktop environment that running inside the web browser. It will enable user to interact and doing something just like what he does on usual OS’s desktop. There also an IDE to develop an application, games, tools, chat application, etc.

For end-user may be will amaze with the wonderful interfaces, but for the developer (just like me), it is more than amaze, it is exciting, and make me thinking how much time, how many programmers, and how many coffee to finish the project :D

This project was developed by Klorofil Collaboration Project, the Indonesian team who developing Klorofil Platform. This subproject is based on Klorofil engine.

You may try the demo here: Purefect Desktop Online Demo

Purefect Desktop
Here is the screenshoot I’ve taken.

Up till now this project is not yet launched to the Open Source community, but I think it will. The other problem is, with currect Indonesian internet connection, it is hard to use this interface to all clients. This desktop environment need enough transfer speed to operate normally.

Whatever, this is a wonderful project and inspiring me :)

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